Theme Graphics Sizes

When creating a theme (Themes > New Theme) we recommend using the following graphics sizes to achieve the best possible look for your communications. 

Header Logo

mhub allows you to upload a logo that will appear at the top of communication above the media window (see 1 below).

We recommend that you create a logo container 940px wide by 100px height (see example below) and position your logo within this area, aligning left works well. Although there is no restriction on the height of your logo container making it taller will push content further down the page.

In the example above the logo is sitting within a 940 x 100px graphic file which has a transparent background (chequers represent the transparency). The white space (marked 2 and 3) also dictate how far the logo is position away from the top of the browser window and mhub media window.

A sample logo for your reference can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

We recommend saving your PNG if you want to maintain transparent backgrounds, alternatively GIFs and JPGs and can be used.

We recommended a file size approximately 200k.


A background image can be set as part of your theme, although there is no minimum size for best results we recommend a graphic of 1920 x 1080 pixels. JPG, GIF or PNG formats can be used with a recommended file size of around 600k. (see marked 1 below for an example)

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