Audio/Video Preview Images

If you've added video or audio to your communication by default a frame from the video (or your profile photo if you've added audio only) is set as the preview image. This isn't always desirable so we offer you the chance to change it (this can be achieved by following the instructions at the foot of this page).

Recommendations for Preview Image Sizes

The video/audio media window uses a 16:9 aspect ratio and our recommended minimum thumbnail image size is 670 x 377px (which fits the window perfectly).

You can use a larger image but ensure that it uses a 16:9 aspect ratio for best results (see below).


Changing the default preview thumbnail

Within the mhub content editor do the following:

1. Hover over the media window and click 'Edit Content' (see below)

2. Click the camera icon.. 

3. Click Upload and select an image from your computers hard drive.


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