November 2015 Release (6.0.9)

What's New?

  • mhub Help Centre is a great resource featuring mhub video tutorials and FAQs which are designed to help you get the best out of mhub. You can access it from within the mhub platform (bottom left) or by visiting Fresh content will be added on a weekly basis but if you wish to be notified as and when new material becomes available please click here to be added to our Help Centre mailing list. 
  • Document feature editor now uses a more intuitive layout
  • My Profile page now shows which groups the user is a member of
  • When the 'Ask viewers to identify themselves' option is selected when creating links viewers now have to enter their first and last name within two separate fields instead of just one
  • User Report (Reports > User Report tab) shows you when mhub users last logged in, how many items of content they've created plus which groups they're a member of
  • Account Report (Reports > Account Report tab) shows account configuration info for user licenses, security set-up info plus an insight into which mhub users have been creating content and publishing content to app channels
  • Changing your login password is now much more intuitive
  • Support navigation option (bottom left of platform) now takes you to the new Help Centre which includes support FAQs and video tutorials
  • Body text size increased for mobile devices making it much easier to read
  • Newsletter Microsite content headings are now much more bold

Bug Fixes

  • Setting a background image on a document feature tile prevented it from displaying correctly within the final newsletter
  • Bullet points were incorrectly aligned when used as part of a text based feature
  • Uploading a new profile photo didn't refresh on the My Profile page until you navigated away
  • 'Views Over Time' graph within Reach Analytics was an hour behind actual view time
  • Unable to edit document names from within the Document feature editor
  • Selecting title text within the video or document feature editor with your mouse dragged and dropped the row
  • Feedback and Questionnaire form submissions were slow and have now been optimised
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