October 2015 Release (6.0.8)

What's new?

  • Individuals Reporting option allows you to see which individuals (typically by email address or name) have accessed your content, how much video/audio they consumed, whether they downloaded any attached documents plus which pages they've accessed. Please see video below for more info.
  • Restrict viewing of content by groups allows you to specify which groups of individuals can view your content. This option is available when securing content by either SSO, Company Email Domain or mhub user account. Please see video below for more information.
  • Content that can only be seen by specified groups is now indicated within the 'Live' section of Channels.
  • Channel gatekeepers will be able to view all content even if it's restricted by Groups.
  • Group ownership option that allow users other than admins to manage groups.
  • Option to download a report of users/group membership information.
  • Search / Filter criteria now available as a covering page for all reports.
  • All report sections can be selected at once instead of having to individually select them.
  • Team Folders with a 'Read' only permission applied will not allow users to edit or delete content.
  • 'Channels' navigation option is hidden for users that are not admins or assigned as channel gatekeepers.
  • User search (within Admin) has been optimised to return results faster.
  • When creating a new top level Team Folder all users will have edit permission by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Message editors now displays dark container within the editor when a dark theme is selected.
  • Feature tiles are no longer intermittently showing live content when they shouldn't be.
  • When adding users to groups within the 'Groups' page a confirmation is now shown.
  • No save pop-up was shown when navigating away from the user profile page before saving changes.
  • When exiting the Theme editor you were prompted to save twice.
  • Filtering by non-existent tags within Reports caused an error.
  • Names of users who identify themselves when requested were not shown in Individuals page (Analytics).
  • Theme designer preview did not reflect actual content container width.
  • When editing a top level Team Folders the 'Use permissions from parent folder' option was displayed when it shouldn't have been.
  • Newly created users groups couldn't be accessed until you logged out and back in again.
  • Preview stills for video wouldn't update when uploading a new one.
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