Creating a Microsite, sharing and tracking it

This quick start series of videos shows you how to quickly create a simple microsite, share it with an audience and then track how successful it has been.


01. Introduction (00:35)
02. An example of the Microsite you're going build (01:11)
03. Editing Content (01.22)
04. Adding Video Chapters (02:12)
05. Adding Documents (00:49)
06. Adding a Questionnaire (04:11)
07. Linking to an external Website (00:31)
08. Adding a Feedback form (01:01)
09. Renaming and adding graphics to page tiles (03:28)
10. Security (who can view your content) (01:22)
11. Naming your Microsite (00:56)
12. Previewing your Microsite (00:46)
13. Sharing your Microsite with an Audience (03:36)
14. Business Intelligence (Analytics) (09:58)

To start this series click on the image below to launch the video player.

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